What the Critics are saying about Hang Your Hopes On A Crooked Nail

"Accept Rod Picott for what he is; Americana of the highest order"  

Julian Piper/ Acoustic Magazine

"Gems that finely balance despair, desire and optimism with dexterity" 

Arthur Wood/Maverick Magazine

"Hangdog lyrics and deadpan delivery have the ability to strike a chord with anyone who has a heart." 

Alison Stokes/Country Music People

"The world of Americana music has recognised that Rod is one of the finest singer-songwriters on the scene today. It really is about time that everybody else caught on to that fact." 

Keith Clark/Bristol Review

"This one is well worth a listen for fans of high quality modern folk rock songs."

David Hintz/Folkworld

"Lives are described vividly, with little details that bring everything about them into full focus and enable the listener to both see and empathize with them – there but for the grace of God.  Outstanding."

Jeremy Searle/Americana UK