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Produced by Neilson Hubbard & Rod Picott / Engineered by Neilson Hubbard / Mastered by Jim DeMain, Yes Master / Design by Ben Rumble, Strange Bird Media

1. Maybe That’s What it Takes
2. Elbow Grease
3. Until I’m Satisfied
4. This World Is A Dangerous Place
5. I Was Not Worth Your Love
6. Jeremiah
7. I’m On Your Side
8. Uncle John
9. Alicia
10. Drunken Barber’s Hand
11. Secret Heart
12. Spare Change

Vocals & Nylon String Guitar - Rod Picott
Electric, Slide and Oil Can Guitars - Will Kimbrough
Acoustic Bass - Lex Price
Drums,Trash Can and Chains - Neilson Hubbard
Electric Guitar (Until I’m Satisfied, Secret Heart) - Kris Donegan
Acoustic Bass (Elbow Grease) - Dean Marold
Banjo - Joshua Britt

All songs by Rod Picott except:
Drunken Barber’s Hand, Until I’m Satisfied - Rod Picott, Slaid Cleaves
Spare Change - Rod Picott, Ryan Culwell
This World Is A Dangerous Place - Rod Picott, Ben Glover

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